EAS – 13

Chapter 13: Lost Sound

Shen Qingxuan wasn’t expecting it to feel like this when engaging in this matter; it was hard to express those feelings into words. Each time that object insolently pressed on his hot membrane, it brought about waves of soft merry and made him yearn for more. His waist had gone completely weak under Yimo’s body and he couldn’t help moving along with Yimo’s rhythm and letting out inarticulate cries. His gut had reacted to the excessive friction and was secreting liquid that produced wet sounds that rhythmed along with their movements. As time went on, the water’s viscosity gradually sounded louder and more obscene. His sight had become blurred, and he looked upwards. Shen Qingxuan instinctively raised his waist so that his butt would be higher, thus making it convenient for the person to thrust in and out. He only felt that the part which was usually neglected was getting numb and sore at the moment, and this feeling had scattered and spread all over his body, making his entire being happy.

“Do you feel that good?” Yimo looked down at his unfocused expression and pinched the protrusion on Shen Qingxuan’s chest teasingly. “Listen, it’s very wet.”

“Mhmpp.” Shen Qingxuan hugged his shoulder and ignored him when he came back to his senses. His face was flushed with shame, that was, how could it be so wet? That place was not used for this matter, and it was incredible that it could be so wet.

Not receiving his response, Yimo stopped his movement and remained immobile in his body. He must get an answer from him before he would be elated.

Shen Qingxuan was submerged in a lively merrier; for him to stop like this, he almost went crazy. Almost immediately, his waist swayed instinctively and ground coyly. His mouth did not want to follow his will and moaned disobediently, yet he couldn’t control himself from feeling like this. That place also seemed to have tasted sweetness and refused to let the matter drop; the place that had been passively receiving was contracting actively. It sucked constantly akin to a small, wet and soft mouth that was wrapped around Yimo.

This sort of modality also caused Yimo, who was on top of him, to slightly frown, but he still refused to move. Compared with his lust, which was dispensable to him, teasing Shen Qingxuan was much more intriguing.

Shen Qingxuan was aware of it and immediately felt hatred. He raised his head practically in insolence and bit his neck so ruthlessly that there was almost blood. “Are you going to move or not?” Shen Qingxuan asked, the lust had gone to his head and he didn’t even realize what a shocking thing he was doing at the moment. Yimo raised his eyebrows and looked at the eldest son of the Shen Family who was “forcing himself on him”. His tone sounded rather pleased when he asked him, “How do I move?”

“You…” Although Shen Qingxuan opened his mouth, no words came out. His desire and the feeling of “repaying kindness” surged up together. He felt as though a boulder was pressing on his chest and crushing him. He felt so inexplicably angry that his eyes became red and he fiercely chided, “That’s enough of you!”

Looking at his current appearance, Yimo implemented the principle of stopping when satisfied. He grabbed the small protuberance on his thin chest, kneaded it with his fingertip and sighed, “It’s truly me serving you this time around.”

When Shen Qingxuan heard his words, he turned his face away and looked at the green gauze curtains hanging on his bed as his train of thoughts wandered to some unknown place.

Yimo resumed his movements again and didn’t tease him this time around. He moved his waist, and the soft and wet place was squeezed into a gap. He penetrated through it ruthlessly, with each thrust being deeper and harder than before. The watery sounds resounded again, and they spread around the small area covered by the bed curtains.

Shen Qingxuan was angry from his teasing and refused to pay attention to him. Yimo bent down, fastened his paralysed legs with one hand, put the other hand under his neck and took him into his embrace. However, he only asked, “Did I make you feel good?”

Even though Shen Qingxuan was still angry, he also found it hilarious. He had planned to take it as soft and as good as before, and finish this matter before saying anything else. Unexpectedly, it was obvious that Yimo’s actions were an attempt to coax him, yet he asked such a sentence, so Shen Qingxuan didn’t know whether his face should be red or black.

But his face was neither red nor black. Ever since he had met this old snake demon, he couldn’t seem to execute any means. After pondering, Shen Qingxuan closed his eyes and said, “It’s so good!”

“Since it’s good, why is there no response here?” Yimo’s hand slipped between the two bodies, pinched Shen Qingxuan’s object in his hand and fiddled with it. “Are you lying to me?”

“…Just to make you angry(1).” Shen Qingxuan said and even smiled. He put his hands around his neck again and whispered beside his ear, “Touch it and there will be a reaction.”

“Here?” Yimo squeezed the soft object that was leaking transparent mucus in his hand. He lifted his waist, and after a little pause, he rammed into Shen Qingxuan and asked, “Or is it here?”

Ahhhh.” Shen Qingxuan uttered a long, and sweet nasal sound that contained his soul-stirring libidinousness. He quickly bit his lower lip and stifled his voice. Then he raised his waist and sounded like a mosquito as he replied with a trembling voice. “I want both.” He stopped for a moment, rubbed his cheek against Yimo’s cheek, and faltered in a hoarse voice, “Kiss me.”

At the moment, he was completely undressed with his legs wide open and his hips raised. There was a babbling sound of water between his legs, and his white waistline was curved into an arc to cater to their activity. His long hair had scattered around, and his eyes were full of lust. It was obvious that he couldn’t bear the current modality that he was experiencing, but he still stammered and said this. His words couldn’t hide his sentiment, but it was still more licentious than the top prostitutes in the brothels, though he wasn’t pretentious either. He might be licentious but it was straightforwardly truthful.

Without hesitation, Yimo lowered his head and kissed him. As soon as their lips touched, Shen Qingxuan urgently welcomed him as if he wanted to reach the top. His tongue was moving violently around. Occasionally, moans and gasps that he couldn’t prevent himself from making would escape from his lips. He was madly entangled with his tongue, and the fluid he didn’t manage to swallow trickled down the corner of his mouth and left a transparent water stain. Shen Qingxuan’s waist in his embrace was like a drowning fish that kept on demanding and receiving.

Yimo was sucked in by two hot and humid mouths at the same time. However cool-headed he was, he still felt as if he had developed an illusion of stepping into a swamp; he felt like he was stepping on cotton and could not help getting absorbed and sinking in. He couldn’t get away no matter what. 

In the end, Yimo couldn’t endure it. He moved his mouth away and several emotions appeared on his face. He fiercely asked, “Such sluttiness, do you like being fuck by me so much?” The uncontrollable ferocity shrouded in his words scared even Yimo himself. He had been cultivating for thousands of years and had journeyed around the human society for hundreds of years. When had such things happened before? A flash of hostility glinted in his eyes, and Yimo looked down at the familiar face that didn’t leave much of an impression. At this moment, Shen Qingxuan was lost in lust, so he didn’t notice anything. He even continued to moan “Mhmp, hhmmp”, as if he was agreeing to his question.

Like he was saying, yes, I like it.

Yimo’s face reverted to its usual indifferent expression. He swiftly moved his hips dozens of times; likewise, his hands were also very cooperative. He held Shen Qingxuan’s flushing matter that couldn’t be released no matter what in his hand. After moving skillfully for a while, he heard Shen Qingxuan producing a long moan that almost sounded like a sob. His whole body was flushed red and he trembled like a swaying leaf in the wind. He also had his back bent, which relied on his waist’s strength to stretch out in an arc, and he released in his hand. At the same time, he opened his eyes.

When their eyes met, glaciers of tens of thousands of years seemed to have collided with surging volcanic mud. It evoked a fierce rumble, and afterwards, the iceberg remained as before while the mud flowed away and dispersed. Everything was back to its original condition.

Yimo withdrew from Shen Qingxuan’s body and left.

The candle flame beside the bed illuminated the pair of ice-cold black eyes absent of desire or emotions. After stating his departure, Yimo disappeared from Shen Qingxuan’s room like wisps of smoke.

Shen Qingxuan lay there alone for a long time. He pulled the disordered quilt that was beside him over himself and thought that such things should be done in the dark. There was no need for the lighting to be so bright and to have him see that pair of eyes that had been cold all along so clearly.

As his thoughts ran on, laughter began to escape from his lips. Bursts of “hehe” came from his opened mouth, but it was soundless.

As though the entire world had lost its sound.

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This chapter has by edited by DancingDolphinYo!

(1) I’m not sure about this part! Sorry!

3 thoughts on “EAS – 13

  1. Thank you for the update! I guess that Shen Qingxuan would rather have done it without seeing Yi Mo’s eyes because then he could pretend that Yi Mo loves him.


  2. Well, if Shen Qingxuan wouldn’t have been that lost in lust, he’d have seen some emotions in Yi Mo’s eyes, buuut too bad he didn’t.

    Thanks for the chapter!


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