EAS – 12

Chapter 12: Bad Snake

It was only now that Shen Qingxuan found out that the usually indifferent Yimo would show other emotions only when he was kissing. 

When he kissed, he would begin by leaning in slowly before twisting and rubbing lightly as if he was exploring the sensation. It was only when their lips grew warmer from the rubs that Yimo seemed to have lost his patience and reached for his mouth using the tip of his tongue. Shen Qingxuan didn’t hesitate to close his eyes and obediently open his mouth for him to enter. He also spontaneously lifted his arms and coiled them around Yimo’s back like he had handed his trust to him. 

But, this trust didn’t build up in a day. It went through the process of being acquainted, to growing an understanding  between them, to the breakdown of wariness against a non-human and ultimately, to a wholehearted trust. But he just didn’t know when all of this had begun. When he had handed this demon his trust, he had also handed out something else.

Perhaps it was during those moments when Yimo had patiently communicated with him through paper and brush. Perhaps, it was when Yimo had said, “To treat me well, that is kindness”, or perhaps, it was when Yimo had granted him recovery without haggling about his greedy request… Even Shen Qingxuan himself didn’t know when he had developed feelings for him.

But these feelings of his were now misconstrued into as this simple and clear matter of “repaying kindness”.

Since he had insisted that it was repaying his kindness, then, let it be. Shen Qingxuan’s train of thoughts changed, and he abandoned his passive state. He stretched his tongue out to meet with Yimo’s tongue and kissed him hard.

Yimo raised his eyes to look at him for a moment. Shen Qingxuan’s expression was still docile but there was a smile accompanied with it. After seeing his smile, Yimo reverted his gaze after a pause and was no longer as gentle and slow as before. As if something had been heated, all of a sudden, his tongue swept the inner side of his mouth vigorously. Their exchanged breaths were subtle yet mysterious, and it immediately suppressed Shen Qingxuan’s inexperienced offensive moves, causing him to retreat. His previous presumptuous tongue began to cower and dodge. Even so, Yimo was still dissatisfied. After having a thorough lick of his oral cavity, he curled around that delicate tongue and sucked on it, producing more saliva as their tongues pressed together. Occasionally, he would release his hold, and it resembled a cat playing with a mouse. Just when Shen Qingxuan retreated a little, he then intentionally captured his tongue again and repeated the cycle.

Shen Qingxuan felt like he couldn’t catch his breath and felt his clarity getting gradually eroded by befuddlement. That agile tongue was excessively wild and tyrannical; it didn’t allow him to hide or retreat. It still wouldn’t let him go even after forcing him to a dead end. Occasionally, he would let him off only to tease him again. Shen Qingxuan was dazed but he liked this enthusiasm. It was only at such a moment that Yimo would reveal a hint of his original temperament, so he hugged him even closer and allowed that desire filled tongue to do what it wanted.

As they exchanged moist and disordered breaths, Shen Qingxuan ultimately couldn’t control his surges of emotions, and a low hum escaped his nasal cavity.

Yimo stopped when he heard it. He stretched his hand and rubbed Shen Qingxuan’s slightly swollen and moist lips. There were no visible hints of emotions on his face when he asked, “Does this feel good?”

Returning from his dazed state, Shen Qingxuan glanced at him using the bedside’s candle flame momentarily. Then, he smiled again. ”With such a service like this, together with my undressed state and a beauty in my arms, how could I not feel good?”

Yimo then continued to tease his lips but exerted more strength, rubbing on the already swollen red lips once more before saying, ”There is nothing in the world that can stop your mouth.”

Shen Qingxuan tilted his head to the side and bit that finger lingering near his mouth with a snort of laughter. Like he was venting his anger, he wanted to mark that finger with his teeth, yet he couldn’t bear to. He stretched out his tongue and licked it as if he was consoling it. His pink and wet tongue was like a snake, as it sucked gracefully at the pale finger. An unspeakable atmosphere began to permeate the surrounding, and Yimo narrowed his eyes upon seeing this sight.

After licking Yimo’s finger till it was dripping wet, Shen Qingxuan then released his hold, and with the same smile, he asked, “Does this feel good?”

This provoked Yimo to reach his hands out in the next moment, and he used that moist finger to enter his mouth and grip onto that naughty tongue that knew no good. He played with it for another round.

The feeling of his tongue being played with caused Shen Qingxuan to flush badly. He knew that he had been audacious tonight; he was impolite, shameless, rebellious and shocking. But there was a sort of fresh excitement and unrestrained franticness.

Anyway, there was only him and Yimo, a human and demon in the room. According to Yimo’s ways, he would never let anyone watch or hear any movement, so he simply cast his dogmatic etiquette aside, and let his insanity do what it wanted.

Anyway, it hadn’t only been a day or two since he had gone crazy. He knew he had gone crazy ever since that trip to the hot spring.

Yimo played with his lips and tongue with one hand and reached down with the other hand. It was still as gentle as ever as he undid Shen Qingxuan’s pants and pulled them down. Aware of his movements, Shen Qingxuan’s face got even redder. As usual, he did not stop him, instead, he tried to lift his waist to facilitate his movements.

Yimo’s palm kneaded the erect matter before he evaluated, “It’s not bad.”

Shen Qingxuan closed his mouth and ruthlessly bit the two fingers in his mouth. He said unclearly, “I don’t need you to evaluate it.”

“It’s just a little inexperienced.” Yimo paid no heed to the slight pain on his fingers. He just curled up his hand and teased the shy peak slightly, causing Qingxuan to let out a low moan. At the same time, he said, “It’s a pity that it hasn’t experienced any ways of the world when it grew like this.”

If Shen Qingxuan’s knee could move at this time, he would surely kick him ruthlessly to alleviate his embarrassment. Unfortunately, he couldn’t move his knees and lower legs, and he couldn’t even close his legs to reject the audience. He could only remain motionless and exhibit his secret part.

But this was truly too embarrassing. Shen Qingxuan could not help but extend his hands and grab Yimo’s clothes. He questioned, “Are you going to do it or not?”

Even though Yimo was grabbed by his lapel, he didn’t remove Shen Qingxuan’s hands. Instead, he shook his two wet fingers in front of Shen Qingxuan’s sight, before grasping Shen Qingxuan’s lifeblood in one go and quickly rubbing it twice. Then he said to Shen Qingxuan, who had gone weak, “When I say you have a strong lust, you refuse to admit it. Now look at your hastiness, do you want it that much?”

Knowing that he was being tricked again, Shen Qingxuan didn’t even have the strength to be angry. He only glared at him for a moment, then turned his head away helplessly. He thought that the snake was really bad. There was no person worse than him in the whole world. Oh, no, it was not just a snake, it was an old snake demon!

But the part below his stomach was in a joyous state. Even if he scolded the old demon snake a thousand times and then a ten thousand times in his heart, the pleasure was distinctly joyous, and only this old demon snake could give it to him at the moment. Shen Qingxuan turned to face him. He pulled Yimo’s head down, put his arms around his neck again and let out some moans.

While Yimo’s hand was extremely skilful, it only gave him a little sweetness. He quickly moved down to the back, and slowly played with the closed soft entrance with the tip of his index finger.

Feeling that place being played with, Shen Qingxuan raised his head fiercely as if he was frightened. He didn’t bother to embrace Yimo anymore. He propped himself up with his elbows and looked at the looming wrist between his legs as if he were looking at a monster.

“…” After watching for a long time, his vision swept over straight to Yimo’s face. Shen Qingxuan said with a dry mouth, “…Is it truly that area?”

Yimo did not answer him but fixed his dark eyes on him.

“…” Shen Qingxuan bit his lips. His face was changing between white and red, and eventually he murmured,”I have thought about it, but I didn’t expect it to be true.”

After waiting for a while, Shen Qingxuan lay down again, but blocked his face with his arm so that half of his face couldn’t be seen. He murmured, “I’m afraid you can’t get in there. Look for something…” Shen Qingxuan didn’t continue his sentence. This time, he was really and truly ashamed.

Yimo looked around and locked his eyes on the oil lamp placed on the table. He only bent his fingers, and the candle burning oil lamp slowly drifted over and stopped near the bed curtain. Yimo pushed aside the bed curtain, dipped some warm lamp oil on his finger, and opened Shen Qingxuan’s legs a little more. He applied it with his fingertips, and slowly rubbed and pressed on the small wrinkles at the entrance.

Shen Qingxuan changed his posture. He grabbed onto the quilt and covered his face. This time he even covered his chin, so his whole head was buried in the quilt and could not be seen.

A smile flashed through Yimo’s eyes. His head was still lowered and he inserted his fingers knuckle deep into the opening that had relaxed slightly. He could see that Shen Qingxuan was rigid; he had tensed his body like he didn’t know what to do and was frozen silly.

Yimo raised his eyebrows, patted his butt, took out his hand, and dipped some hot oil into it again. He went in again and continuously pushed in and out. Throughout the whole process, Shen Qingxuan didn’t make a sound. He just relaxed his body and let him play with himself until Qingxuan struggled slightly when three fingers were in. It seemed that he was uncomfortable.

Yimo no longer increased the number of fingers. He leaned down as he continued to thrust his fingers while pulling the quilt on Shen Qingxuan’s face. Then he pulled Shen Qingxuan’s arm that was blocking his face and said, “So this is giving yourself? It’s more like a turtle.”

A groan escaped from Shen Qingxuan’s lips. Instead of looking up, he grabbed his shoulder and buried his face in it. His body had adapted to those rebellious fingers, and it wasn’t just discomfort that he felt from the thrusting. With Yimo’s endearing cool plant scent, he slowly raised his waist and welcomed those fingers’ continuous movements.

Aware that he was feeling good, Yimo was still not in a hurry. He continued to move his wrist using the time taken to burn a stick of incense (1) until Shen Qingxuan could no longer stop moaning. The part that had retracted from shock also trembling stood up, and some transparent mucus came out from the peak.

The increasingly hot sensations in his body were an extremely unfamiliar feeling for Shen Qingxuan, yet he held an unspeakable desire for it. When that hand stopped for a moment, he began to feel empty. Eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore and raised his face, whispering, “Come in.”

“Can’t take it anymore?” Yimo took out his fingers.

Shen Qingxuan hesitated for a moment, but still nodded honestly in the end. “En.”

Yimo turned around. Although his upper clothes were disordered, he was completely dressed, and he didn’t even have the intention to take off his clothes. He only untied his underpants and held Shen Qingxuan’s waist to separate his legs to the maximum extent. Then he pulled down his trousers, held his swollen object, and inserted it.

Shen Qingxuan groaned. As if he was being tortured, his whole body froze. It was so agonising that his mind went blank and he didn’t even dare to budge an inch.

Even after an unknown amount of time had passed, he only recovered a little and tried to relax his body again. Shen Qingxuan looked at Yimo with a pale face and said helplessly, “You have to take it easier. With your vicious movements, I’m going to die doing it soon.”

Yimo did not answer him. He reached out and touched the area connecting them. Borrowing the candlelight at the bedside, he took a look at it before saying, “It’s good. There’s no bleeding(2) at all.”

Initially, Shen Qingxuan was stunned before his pale face turned a deep red. He cursed, “This bad snake!”

Yimo lifted his hips and slammed down again, thrusting so hard that Shen Qingxuan resembled a flopping fish on the shore, and he no longer had any inclination to scold him. After dozens of times, Shen Qingxuan got used to it again and quickly got into the mood. He embraced this bad snake’s neck and let out intermittent moans with raised hips.

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This chapter has been edited by DancingDolphinYo!


(1) Thirty minutes

(2) When a virgin bleeds during the wedding night

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  1. I think this is the most sophisticated, poetic and humorous (in a good way) smut I’ve ever read. Their banter can be so funny; I definitely lol a few times.


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