EAS – 8

Chapter 8: Hot Spring

The sky at the horizon gradually brightened up.

The hot spring was located at the summit of the mountain, when the first ray of light rose from the horizon, it fell onto the hot spring.

Shen Qingxuan felt a force supporting him, allowing him to stay afloat on the surface of the water without sinking downwards.

The sensation of soaking in this natural hot spring was incomparable to that of a narrow wooden barrel. He was so comfortably immersed in the water that he just wanted to sigh.

A moment later, Yimo also removed his robe and stepped into the water.

The water was rippling and Shen Qingxuan opened his eyes slightly. He watched the man with long scattered hair trod through the water, gradually narrowing the distance between them. The air pervaded with the smell of sulfur had an additional hint of an approaching coldness.

Shen Qingxuan opened his mouth, intending to talk to him but he suddenly remembered that he couldn’t speak, neither was there any writing materials around, so he couldn’t even converse with him. His good mood was immediately ruined by half. After all, he hadn’t seen him for such a long time and now that they finally met face to face with each other again, they couldn’t converse. It was really a mood damper that Shen Qingxuan became gloomy.

Yimo who was immersed in the water looked at him for a moment and eventually raised his hand. A faint green light twinkled between his cold fingers and he stroked his throat.

Shen Qingxuan looked at his movements, feeling his throat thoroughly drenched with peppermint juice. It couldn’t be said to be scorching hot or piercing cold. This excessively distinct feeling caused tears to flow from his eyes.

When Yimo withdrew his hand, he felt golden light flickering in front of him. The uncomfortable feeling of being suffocated made Shen Qingxuan pressed on his throat as he coughed with his might.

It was a silent cough at first, then his throat produced a hoarse and strange sound, gradually it became heavier, and finally, every cough of his was no different from that of any ordinary person.

He— had coughed out a sound. When Shen Qingxuan realized this, he could not be said to be delighted or surprised. He only knew that streams of moistness were wriggling down the corners of his eyes, accompanying the sound of coughing, ringing one after another, resonating over this lonely mountain summit and this misty hot spring.

It seemed that Shen Qingxuan was going to cough out his lungs. His eyes had turned red and he had drunk gulps of hot spring water several times when he bent over. With all his strength exhausted, he leaned over the protruding rock and gasped heavily.

Yimo was leaning against the rock across him with his arms propped over the rock on his two sides. He looked at him for a while and eventually closed his eyes in relaxation, leaving Shen Qingxuan to cough terribly on the opposite side.

After the time needed to finish a cup of tea had passed, Shen Qingxuan finally ceased coughing. After gathering his breath, he turned around to take a look with his hand covering his throat. This sight then entered his vision.

In the misty hot spring water, Yimo was leaning on a protruding rock with his arms stretched across like the word “大”. His eyes were closed, his head was raised, the look on his face was calm like everything else was irrelevant to him.

There was only his long scattered hair that was floating in front of him and occasionally moving along with the ripples.

Apart from this, he seemed to be like a sculpture; ice-cold, apathetic and unconcerned.

As Shen Qingxuan looked at this, he felt an indescribable discomfort growing in his heart.

Because of this brewing terrible feeling he couldn’t explain, even if Shen Qingxuan knew that he had recovered his voice, he didn’t say anything but only stared at him without even blinking.

The distance between them wasn’t far, but it was still a few steps away. The vapor evaporated from the hot spring was as thin as a veil and loomed between the two of them. Behind this veil was Yimo’s face.

Just like how Shen Qingxuan had seen his face for the first time, he could not turn his sight away. He thought that there would be no second person in the world like him, this sort of peerless talent.

Amid his observation, Yimo’s tightly closed eyelashes trembled before he opened them. His eyes were calm and deep, so quiet like it was a thousand feet cold pool without any seam of ripples.

Yimo asked indifferently, “Why aren’t you not happy?”

Shen Qingxuan inwardly thought to himself “how do you know I’m not happy”, but he didn’t say them out loud. He was still looking at him and after a while, he replied, “Naturally I’m happy.”

For the first time after nearly twenty years, he made his first sound and sounded a little husky. Even he himself found his voice extremely unfamiliar. Only after listening carefully to his voice, and then carefully recalling his childhood’s voice was he able to confirm that that voice was truly his.

“I…” Shen Qingxuan tried to talk again but he was startled by the sound he produced. After a while, he warmed himself to be familiar with it before he slowly said, “I thought you will only come back in another two more months.”

“When the matter is done, I will naturally come back.” He explained.

Shen Qingxuan made an “Oh” and lowered his head, thinking for a moment before he spoke again, “I don’t know why but I do not wish to let anyone know that I can speak again…”

Yimo nodded to show that he had understood.

“If they ask me how did I recover, I don’t really know how to lie.” Shen Qingxuan considered his words, practicing his pronunciation as he continued, “So I don’t plan to say it first.”

After a pause, he said again, “Have you got back your snakeskin?”

Yimo said, “En.”

“That’s good.” Shen Qingxuan said.

He didn’t know what else to say so he bowed his head and kept silent.

Yimo retracted his arms and dipped them in the water. He was silent for a long time before he asked, “Why have you fallen sick this time?”

Shen Qingxuan didn’t expect him to ask this so he hesitated for a moment before explaining the course of events in detail. Naturally, he omitted the part about his pleasant dream in the middle segment. He only blamed his illness on drinking and then sleeping in the bath while being intoxicated, so he didn’t know that the water had turned cold. Hence, he had fallen ill.

After hearing this, Yimo raised his eyes and stared at him for a moment. Who knew what thoughts were running inside his mind. He opened his mouth, “The young mistress in the boudoir is mere as such.”

He spoke with no beginning or end, but Shen Qingxuan immediately understood the ridicule within it. His expression was replenished with more indignation. He actually compared him to those delicate and cute young mistresses!

He hated how his language was not as good as him. At the same time, his shame fell in how he could only talk just a moment ago. Compared to this snake who had lived for thousands of years, it was a vast difference between heaven and earth. There was only room for him to be bullied.

After thinking for a long time, Shen Qingxuan also angrily replied with a sentence, “Naturally, I wouldn’t rival your solid scales and thick shell.”

The implication was that his skin wasn’t as thick as him, no malicious could infringe on him.

The two people were engaged in a language lawsuit and didn’t feel tedious even if they were soaking in the water. The night gradually faded, the light became increasingly bright, and the red sun rose majestically, shining on the faces of the two people in the water clearly.

Shen Qingxuan’s speech became more and more fluent and proficient. As the conversation grew delightful, he moved closer to Yimo using the buoyancy of the water and intended to talk to him in close proximity just like usual.

As he moved closer, he noticed that the sun was getting brighter, the water became clear under the sunlight. Both of them were undressed, every matter under this clear pool was made known.

Shen Qingxuan’s face was red immediately. He was ashamed of his weak body. Compared with Yimo’s solid body, he was more like a young man that had yet to receive his crown. His thin hands and legs were really unsightly. He quickly lowered his head and held the rock to push himself away through the water buoyancy. All these moving around and his flustered movement cost him his fingers to slip past the smooth rock that had been soaked by the spring. Having not grasped it, the unbalanced body then fell into the water immediately and the warm spring water instantly drowned his crown.

When Yimo saw him moving back and forth in the water, he had already guessed what was going through his mind, and when he saw him slip and sunk in, he felt that it was funny. A mischievous intent grew in his heart, so he didn’t rescue him immediately. Anyway, he couldn’t drown here.

Shen Qingxuan was submerged in the water and he stretched his hands and grabbed at random, at the same time, he was anxious as to why Yimo hadn’t stepped in. In his confusion, he opened his eyes in the water.

But it was a pair of athletic lower limbs that greeted his sight. They were slender, powerful and his calf muscles were slightly protruding, which defined his muscle lines clearly.

His line of sight followed his shins and went all the way up. There was a dark tuft of hair between his firm thighs, rippling with the currents like water plants. However, between the thicket of hair, there nested a quietly curled up sex organ. Even if it was not simulated, due to the underwater reflection, that article appeared to be abnormally hefty.

He could vaguely see the plump mushroom head that was exposed outside of the soft external skin, even the thin hole in the middle was absolutely clear.

Shen Qingxuan did not know where his strength came from. He pushed against the stone wall with one hand, raising himself from the water with a sound of “splash”.

His face was red and his heart was beating like a drum.

He didn’t know if he was choked by the water or something else.

With one hand holding the stone wall and the other hand wiping away the water on his face, Shen Qingxuan faced seemingly smiling eyes.

Shen Qingxuan’s heartbeat was pumping almost uncontrollably, he also choked a mouthful of spring water. He hurriedly bowed his head and coughed stiffly in an attempt to pacify his heartbeat.

At this time, he heard Yimo’s cold voice asking in a rather teasing way, “Young Master Shen, does this hot spring water compare to your mid-autumn wine?”

Shen Qingxuan now knew that this snake liked to play tricks on himself. His question didn’t hold any other intention but to tease, yet his mind disappointedly recalled back to that night where that cold body wrapped around him in the cold bath, as well as what he saw just now.

The corner of his eye subconsciously glanced into the water, because of this farce, the two of them had unconsciously stood nearer. Shen Qingxuan saw the huge thing in the water clear again.

A sentence suddenly appeared in his mind: Snake’s nature is the essence of lascivious.

This sentence was like Gu. They instantly crawled into his heart and lured an intention that emerged out of nowhere. At that instant, his desire burst forth, approaching with great tumultuous.

Shen Qingxuan once again felt his calming pulse being thrown into a disorderly pace again. Similar to the chaos and disorder of the heavy rain on the rubble in the mountain but the sound was getting louder and louder and more urgent.

He couldn’t withstand anymore and watched his mind of scantous desires getting washed off.

Shen Qingxuan suddenly turned back. He felt a chill running down his spine and hurriedly turned his back and leaned on a rock outside the water. He hid his raised member between his legs within the dark water. He then said that he wasn’t feeling well, so he would be leaning there for a while. Afterward, he buried his head in the crook of his arms, and within the quiet panting contained his surging desire.

Yimo didn’t move. He looked at the thin body leaning on the rock with a distant expression. That pale and emaciating body that seemed to have suffered extreme fright was trembling slightly. The rippling water around him spread wider along with the body’s vibrations. As if they were invisible threads, they guided Yimo to grasp the slight movements, surging desires and sudden chaos in the water all into his eyes.

Like he was a god overlooking at all living beings.

After a long silence, Shen Qingxuan finally raised his head from the bend of his arm, but he did not dare to look at Yimo. With his eyelids still lowered, he whispered, “Take me back.”

Yimo did not respond for a long while.

At this moment, Shen Qingxuan was distracted, he suddenly felt a chill on his shoulder. Somehow, Yimo had gotten behind his back, stretched out his cold hand and placed it on his shoulder. He turned Shen Qingxuan around so they were facing each other. As if this wasn’t enough, he continued to close in.

In a flash, the two people’s cheeks were so close that their breaths were blowing on each other. Shen Qingxuan was flushing again.

“Young Master Shen.” Yimo’s voice was still as cold as it was. It didn’t show any emotions just as if he was discussing someone else’s affairs. He said unhurried, “Humans and demons have always walked a different path since primeval. You have to consider properly.”

Shen Qingxuan’s face was abruptly changing from red to white.

Not waiting for him to make any more response, he felt his sight getting blurred and heard wind whistling in his ears.

In the twinkling of an eye, he had returned to the villa and was lying on his bed.

As if he had been tossed back, the red tint on his face subsided instantly and had been replaced to an ashen face.

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  1. There is a T missing: ‘Even if it was not simulated’

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