Chapter 94: Shoot! Sudden Stomach Pain!

The slightly cooling fingers slowly reached over and took Ling Zhanyi’s little brother. Ling Zhanyi made a grunt before letting out low moans that clearly demonstrated the growing desire of this drunk man.

“Ziyang…” Ling Zhanyi tenderly called out his name with a husky voice that sounded particularly bewitching.

Su Ziyang responded with an “en” and quickened his hand’s movement.

Ling Zhanyi’s body soon relaxed and he showed his pleasure wantonly with his grunts and moans. All these “en, en, ah, ah” sounds were making Su Ziyang blush.

This bastard…

Could he not make such lewd sounds!

“En… Wife, you are the best…” Ling Zhanyi’s breathing was a little short and very shortly after he praised Su Ziyang, hot liquid spurted on Su Ziyang’s palm. Ling Zhanyi let out a long sigh and began to want more. “Wife… I still want…”


Needless to say, Su Ziyang’s mood was rather good today, so he agreed to Ling Zhanyi’s unreasonable request. However, if it was on any normal day, he definitely would not help him the second time.

He sighed and held Ling Zhanyi’s energetic little brother again…

Once Ling Zhanyi was satisfied and had fallen asleep, Su Ziyang then straightened his back. This was really tiring! More tiring than helping Bastard Ling with his body!

His waist was going to break into half from all these bendings!

The two little guys in his belly moved a little so Su Ziyang gathered his energy and headed toward the toilet to wash his hands before gently rubbing his belly to pacify the two little guys inside. When he went back, Ling Zhanyi had turned around and kicked the blanket aside.

So it turned out that taking care of someone could be so exhausting…

Su Ziyang signed and covered Ling Zhanyi with a blanket again before he slowly getting on the bed.

Fortunately, the bed was big enough, so he didn’t have to worry about Ling Zhanyi kicking or pushing him.

And Ling Zhanyi’s drinking etiquette was still passable. At the very least, he went to sleep obediently and wouldn’t cause any disturbance to anyone.

Now that he was relaxed, Su Ziyang felt an unbearable discomfort at his waist, so he reached out his hand and messaged it.

In the midst of falling asleep, Su Ziyang told himself—— he mustn’t let Ling Zhanyi be drunk next time because it was too tiring to take care of him. Even if he wanted to drink, then it must be after he had given birth to the babies, otherwise taking care of him while he was pregnant was simply a torment!

Both of them slept soundly and it was Ling Zhanyi that woken up first and saw a close up sleeping face.

——So it turned out that they had unconsciously snuggled closer and even in his sleep, Ling Zhanyi still remembered to avoid making contact with Su Ziyang’s stomach and had him laying on his chest so that his breathing would be smooth. As for Su Ziyang, he had also moved closer to Ling Zhanyi until he was resting on his chest before he finally stopped turning around.

Ling Zhanyi’s eyes curved and there was an indispensable tenderness in his gaze. He planted a gentle kiss on Su Ziyang’s lips before he realized that he was completely naked!

There was also a slight throbbing pain in his head but it wasn’t serious. His stomach was also burning like it would after a night of drinking. Some images flashed in his mind and Ling Zhanyi gradually remembered what happened last night. Although it was fragmented, it was enough to surprise him.

“Ziyang… I love you so much…” Ling Zhanyi once again pressed his lips gently on Su Ziyang who had yet to wake up.

He was simply too tired last night. In the first place, he didn’t get to take a nap because he spent the whole day accompanying Luoyang, and when it was night time, he was waiting for Ling Zhanyi to come back. He even took care of him and helped him solve his needs several times. It was tiring and he only fell asleep after sometime.

Ling Zhanyi hugged Su Ziyang for a while more before he hurriedly got up. It was almost noon, and at the time Su Ziyang would normally make a fuss about how he was hungry and want to eat something.

He carefully let go of Su Ziyang, cushioned him properly, arranged his pillow and covered him with the blanket before he got off the bed.

At the corner of his sight, he saw a camera that was placed facing the bed. The light was still flashing and Ling Zhanyi was stunned. Could it be that the camera had been switched on the whole time?

Ling Zhanyi didn’t bother about wearing his clothes properly and walked over. He found yesterday’s footage and saw Ye Shuo and Luoyang in it. He then understood that it was meant for them and most likely forgotten due to being busy.

The next few hours were all empty, Ling Zhanyi then forwarded the footage to around 11 pm when he saw something again.

When he saw how Su Ziyang had taken care of him, Ling Zhanyi’s smile was almost reaching his ears.

At the same time when he saw how Su Ziyang touched his stomach in pain as he lay down, Ling Zhanyi’s smile froze and melted into heartache. 

No wonder he slept so deeply today because he was too tired yesterday.

Ling Zhanyi turned off the camera and walked back to the bed to kiss Su Ziyang’s forehead. He muttered, “You’ve worked hard, baby. I promise I will not drink so much next time!” 

“En…” Su Ziyang hummed and turned around uncomfortably. His hand was on his stomach and looked like he was in pain.

Ling Zhanyi wasn’t in a rush to make lunch so he sat down at the side and massaged Su Ziyang.

It was only until when Su Ziyang’s breathing had deepened and his eyebrows had smoothed in comfort that Ling Zhanyi stopped and went to make food.

By the time Ling Zhanyi had finished cooking, it was one in the afternoon. He went to the bedroom and saw that Su Ziyang was sleeping soundly and couldn’t bear to wake him up, so he let him sleep for another hour.

Looking at how it was gonna be two already, Ling Zhanyi felt that if this went on, his two sons wouldn’t be able to bear the hungry, so he went to wake Su Ziyang up. Su Ziyang sat up under Ling Zhanyi’s help with a dazed expression. “Are you sober now? Do you still have a headache? How’s your stomach? It is uncomfortable?”

After hearing this, Ling Zhanyi was especially gratified. He moved closer and kissed Su Ziyang’s cheek a few times. “Wife, I love you to death!”

This woke Su Ziyang woke from his sleepiness and rolled eyes at Ling Zhanyi. “It’s so early in the morning but you are already acting so flirty! I am hungry…”

“The food is ready, let me get it for you! Sit here and don’t move, I’ll feed you.” Ling Zhanyi cushioned a pillow behind Su Ziyang’s back so that he would be comfortable. He then got up, went to get the food one by one, and was especially hard-working and considerate to feed him spoon by spoon while calling him “wife” sweetly. 

While Su Ziyang had no qualms with Ling Zhanyi spoiling himself but wasn’t this too sudden? Why was he so clinging and pampering him even more so than last time?

“Did you do something wrong last night?” Su Ziyang looked at Ling Zhanyi in suspicion. Right, last night while he was helping to remove his shirt so that he would be more comfortable, why didn’t he check if he brought anything unclean back!

However… even if he gave him multitudinous courage, would he dare?!

Ling Zhanyi smiled mischievously. “Could it be that wife you’ve already forgotten what wrong I did? Didn’t you play with me for half the night?”

Su Ziyang immediately flushed a brilliant red. Fuck, this bastard was quite sober even if he was drunk last night. If he knew that he would still remember what happened last night, he wouldn’t be soft heartened. Look at how smug he was right now! This was making him annoyed! 

“Scram! Who played who? It was you that asked me to touch you…” Su Ziyang rolled his eyes at him with red cheeks and looked particularly alluring with his bright eyes.

Ling Zhanyi was feeling cheeky and he caved closer to kiss Su Ziyang again. “Yes, yes, yes, I’m the one that made Lord Wife touch myself and I love making Lord Wife play with my little brother the most. Wait until our sons are born, Wife you can continue to play, I will let you play to your heart’s content…”

Su Ziyang’s face couldn’t be any redder, and what play to your heart’s content… Ling Zhanyi this bastard’s face was getting thicker and thicker. Hmph! He had to think of a way to keep him in check otherwise this guy was going to be out of control!

“I am hungry…” Su Ziyang yelled and Ling Zhanyi swiftly ceased his teasing and focused on feeding Lord Wife.

After eating, both of them didn’t have anything to do, so Ling Zhanyi played with the camera. After a few months of seeing Su Ziyang using it, he also knew how to operate it and was in charge of shooting their daily life. 

Su Ziyang leaned on the bed and said, “Keep the card, Luoyang and Ye Shou’s footage is inside, I will have to allocate some time to edit their footage.”

“Why are you rushing to edit the footage? Wouldn’t you be tired? Wait until you give birth to the babies first, I will keep this card, so don’t worry! I will not mix it with others!” Ling Zhanyi smiled happily. This card also had the footage of his wife helping him, would he be willing to mix this card with other cards? Absolutely not! This card must be kept properly.

While Ling Zhanyi was fiddling with the camera, Su Ziyang had a sudden change in his expression and held his stomach with a soft moan.

There was a sudden wave of pain that stopped again only to continue.

Su Ziyang hurriedly called out, “Yi… My stomach hurts…”

Ling Zhanyi raised his eyes as he heard this and when he saw Su Ziyang holding his stomach and about to fall, he immediately rushed to his side and supported him by holding his shoulders. He anxiously asked, “What happened? Did the babies kick you too hard?”

“I don’t know… It suddenly hurts… Wu…”

“Don’t tell me you are going to labor now? It’s only the seventh month… Isn’t this too early?” Ling Zhanyi was panicking but he soon calmed down and supported Su Ziyang before asking, “What kind of pain is it?”

“…Like I am getting pinched…. It’s painful…” Su Ziyang was sweating cold sweat and his body weight was all on Ling Zhanyi’s arm. This was scaring him and his voice trembled as he spoke, “Yi… I am scared…”

“Don’t be afraid, it will be fine, I am here and I’ll accompany you. We will go to the hospital now, I will dial 120, bear with it, you will be fine. Don’t be scared…” Ling Zhanyi said as he supported Su Ziyang and reached out his hand to get his phone. He quickly called 120, reported the situation and his address before calling his parents. “Dad, Mom, Ziyang’s stomach is hurting, I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle the situation, both of you please come along! Don’t worry, Dad, drive carefully, I have already called for an ambulance.”

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